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Angie Warren Perkins Award

The Commission for Women requests nominations for the Angie Warren Perkins Award, to be presented at the Spring 2013 Chancellor’s Honors Banquet. The award, named for the first Dean of Women at the University, will honor a woman who has made outstanding contributions to University governance or administration at the level of department head, director, or below. All nominees shall be regular full or part-time employees with a minimum of one-year continuous service at UT. Anyone who has received the award in the preceding five years is ineligible for consideration. Information about the award and a list of recent award winners are available on the Commission’s website.

Completed nomination letters and a current CV or resume of the candidate should be submitted by email to Mary E. Papke ( Nomination letters should include the Name of the Nominee, Nominee’s Responsible Department, Nominee’s Position Title, Nominee’s Appointment Date, and the Nominating Statement as well as the Nominator’s Name, department, e-mail address, and phone number. All nominations must be received by February 6, 2013.