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The Commission for Women–Knoxville (“CFW”) is a body appointed by the Chancellor of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (the “University”) to advise on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of University programs, policies, and services designed to improve the status of women at the University. The CFW reports directly to the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee.


The CFW shall:

A. Recommend changes in policy or procedure relative to the concerns of women.

B. Make recommendations concerning new and existing academic, professional development, and extracurricular programs.

C. Recommend and encourage research to assess the status of women at the University and compare their status with that of women at other institutions and agencies;

D. Consult in the evaluation, revision and implementation of the University’s affirmative action plan and the state-mandated Title IX plan and, in so doing, promote the hiring and promotion of women;

E. Advise and consult with all University officials on the needs and status of women; and

F. Provide information to the University and community on CFW and University programs and activities related to women.


A. Membership

  1. Regular membership.
    The CFW shall consist of no fewer than 24 voting members, with a proportionate number of faculty members, exempt and non-exempt staff members, and students all equitably distributed among the various colleges, schools, and administrative units of the University. Members are expected to serve on at least one standing committee as described below. Appointments are made annually, usually for three consecutive years, with approximately a third of the CFW being reappointed each year. The voting membership should always include the chair or designee of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Program, a representative from the Women’s Coordinating Council, and the immediate past Chair or Co-Chairs of the CFW.
  2. Ex-officio voting membership.
    The following members by position (or their designees) are voting members:

    1. Faculty Senate president;
    2. Employee Relation Council representative;
    3. SGA president;
    4. GSA president;
    5. Exempt Staff Council–chair;
    6. Commission for Blacks–chair;
    7. CFW graduate student assistant;
    8. Commission for LGBT People–chair; and
    9. Council for Diversity and Interculturalism—chair.
  3. Ex-officio non-voting membership.
    The following members by position (or their designees) are nonvoting members:

    1. Dean of Students;
    2. Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources;
    3. Associate Vice Chancellor and Director, Office of Equity and Diversity;
    4. Vice Provost and Director (or designee), Center for International Education; and
    5. Title IX Coordinator.

B. Chair or Co-Chairs and Vice Chair.
A Chair or Co-Chairs recommended to and approved by the Chancellor shall head CFW. The Chair or Co-Chairs may appoint a Vice Chair from the members of the CFW. The Chair or Co-Chairs shall be elected for two-year terms, once renewable

C. Committees

Volunteers shall be solicited from among CFW membership to serve on the following standing committees:

  1. Chair’s or Co-Chairs’ Advisory Committee;
  2. Communications Committee;
  3. Safety Advisory Committee;
  4. Work and Family Committee;
  5. Equity Issues Committee;
  6. Professional Development and Mentoring Committee;
  7. Awards Committee; and
  8. Events Committee.

Ad-Hoc committee will be formed as needed.


A. Nominations of Chair or Co-Chairs.
At least one month prior to the appointment by the Chancellor of a new Chair or Co-Chairs, the Chair’s or Co-Chairs’ Advisory Committee shall solicit nominations from the CFW membership. All nominations shall be restricted to present or past members of the CFW.

B. Ballots (E-mail).
Ballots shall be e-mailed to CFW members two weeks prior to the meeting at which the vote on a recommendation is to take place. A member may e-mail ballots to the chair of the Chair’s or Co-Chairs’ Advisory Committee prior to the meeting if the member is unable to vote in person at the meeting.

C. Election by Simple Majority Vote.
The CFW’s recommendation to the Chancellor shall be determined by a simple majority vote of the CFW membership.


The Commission shall schedule regular monthly meetings at a time to be agreed upon at the beginning of each academic year. Additional meetings shall be scheduled as needed. The agenda at these meeting shall be determined by the CFW itself and may include items placed on it at the request of the Chancellor, of a member of the faculty, of a staff or student body with a grievance or concern, or of any member of the University community with an issue which might demand investigation. All meetings shall be open to any member of the University community.


A. Funding through Office of the Chancellor.

CFW shall be provided with funds through the Office of the Chancellor to cover expenses including awards, a graduate student assistant, research endeavors, and communications projects.

B. Graduate Student Assistant.

At least one graduate student assistant (working up to 10 hours/week) shall aid the Chair or Co-Chairs by attending and taking notes at CFW meetings and assisting with and performing other tasks as needed and required. The graduate student assistant will be selected (after consultation with the CFW Chair or Co-Chairs) by and report directly to the CFW Chair or Co-Chairs.


A. Approval.
Bylaws shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of the CFW membership by vote at a scheduled CFW meeting.

B. Amendments.

Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the CFW membership by vote at a scheduled CFW meeting.

C. Effectiveness.

Bylaws and any amendments approved by a vote of the CFW under Sections A or B, respectively, of this Article VII shall become effective upon the approval of the Chancellor.


(approved September 2018 CFW, approved by the Chancellor)