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Awards & Scholarships

The Commission for Women awards three Chancellor’s Honors awards: the Notable UT Woman award, the Angie Warren Perkins award, and the Rising UT Woman award. Below are descriptions of each award.

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2019-2020 CFW awards:

Angie Warren Perkins Award
Misty Anderson, Professor of English & Adjunct Professor of Theatre and Religious Studies

Rising UT Woman Award – Graduate Students
Kay Howell and Sydney Selman

Rising UT Woman Award – Early Career Staff
Mariya Zhuravleva, Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Rising UT Woman award
The award recognizes a woman in the early stages of her professional path who has made great strides in her area and shows exceptional promise for future accomplishments. The award is designed to recognize, on a rotation basis, undergraduate students, early career staff (exempt and non-exempt, below the level of Director), graduate students, and early career faculty (non-tenure track and tenure-track faculty at the level of Assistant Professor or Lecturer or equivalent).

Award criteria/attributes:

  • A woman who is outstanding in her area or field of study
  • A woman who has made significant impacts on the University or the broader community and shows great promise for future impacts


Notable UT Woman award
The Commission for Women recognized its first Notable UT Woman in 1995 after a suggestion from then University Historian Dr. Milton Klein that recommended that outstanding women connected with the University be honored on an annual basis.

The award has recognized women from four rotating categories: administrator, alumnae, faculty, and staff. 

Award criteria/attributes:

  • A woman who is outstanding in her field of study
  • A woman who is a pioneer or groundbreaker—the first to achieve something noteworthy.
  • A woman who has conducted or supported gender-related research or research with beneficial effects for women
  • A woman who has rendered program support and development beneficial to the University community
  • A woman who has improved the lives of women in the community or made a significant positive impact on women’s lives
  • A woman who has contributed to gender-related research or facilitated the implementation of research for women


Angie Warren Perkins award
The Angie Warren Perkins Award is named for the first Dean of Women at the University. It honors a woman for her excellence in outstanding contributions to University governance or administration at the level of department head, director, or below.

Award criteria/attributes: 

  • A woman who is at entry-level status within their department, typically within the first five (5) years of their teaching career 
  • A woman who is a regular full or part-time employee with a minimum of one-year continuous service at UT 


Note: Anyone who has received the award in the preceding five years is ineligible for consideration.