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Standing Committees

Co-Chair’s Advisory Committee

Joan Heminway
Catherine Luther
Alison Buchan
Jill Zambito
Jamie Coble
Kristin Tocci
Mia Pearson-Loomis
Karmen Stephenson
Courtney Cronley
Jalonda Thompson
Catherine Cuevas

Awards Committee

Alison Buchan*
Jill Zambito*
Alexandra Garnhart-Bushakra

Communications Committee

Juliette Kesterson
Catherine Cuevas*
Leah Gutzwiller

Equity Issues Committee

Jamie Coble*
Francis Harper
Jana Morgan

Events Committee

Mia Pearson-Loomis*
Arianna Banack
Sonya Hayes
Anne Skutnik

Professional Development/Mentoring Committee

Kristin Tocci*
Emily Ford
Michelle Kwon
Jennifer Wallace

Safety Advisory Committee

Courtney Cronley*
Brittney Cannon
Jalonda Thompson*

Work and Family Committee

Karmen M. Stephenson*
Miranda Rutan
Katie Wiley

* Committee (Co-)Chair