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Standing Committees

Chair’s Advisory Committee

Lisa Yamagata-Lynch (past chair)

Awards Committee

Alison Buchan
Catherine Luther*
Marla Roberts
Lisa Yamagata-Lynch

Equity Issues

Misty Anderson
Mary Lucal
Melissa Grant
Bonnie Ownley*
Jennifer Richter
Deb Welsh*

Events and Communications Committee

Rachel Chen*
Kiley Compton
Juliette Kesterson
Kaylee Sheppard
Kayla Irwin
Natasha Ellis
Jennifer Webster

Professional Development/Mentoring Committee

Jamie Coble
Joan Heminway*
Mary Lucal
Kristin Tocci
Mia Pearson-Loomis
Lynsey Miller
Thura Mack
Jill Zambito
Matthew Theriot

Safety Advisory

Ashley Blamey
Jamie Coble*
Symantha Gregorash (SGA)
Thura Mack*
Alicia Martinez

Work and Family Committee

Megan Haselschwerdt
Shea Kidd Houze
Abby Sherman
Karmen M. Stephenson
Jenny Ward*

* Committee (Co-)Chair